Occupational Health


Your employees may be exposed to certain substances and work processes which may pose a risk to their health. Where reasonably practicable measures should be taken to control and minimise these risks i.e. training and risk management.

Health Surveillance Medicals should be carried out as required on an individually agreed timescale in conjunction with legislation; we are able to advise you accordingly.

Health risks include:

  • Manual handling
  • Driving
  • Display screen equipment
  • Repetitive tasks
  • Stress
  • Noise
  • Carcinogens
  • Chemical or biological substances

We offer suppliers with a mobile screening unit providing a time saving cost effective service to clients. Attending the workplace reduces the need for employees to leave the workplace to undertake mandatory health screening. Contact us to discuss ways in which this mobile screening facility can help and support your organisation.

Occupational Health advice on risk assessments is available for the following:

  • Young persons
  • Night workers
  • New and expectant mothers
  • Those with identified disabilities
  • Overseas travellers

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