Post Natal Depression EAP case study

James contacted the EAP as he was very concerned about his sister, Sonia who has a four-month-old baby. He explained that she had been feeling very low recently and he was worried that she might be suffering from post natal depression. James and the counsellor discussed the difficulties and changes associated with giving up work and having a new baby.

Support for post natal depression

The counsellor suggested that it may be useful for him to advise his sister that she could talk to her local Health Visitor or her GP in case she needed professional counselling or medication. James was given information that would help him to understand what his sister may be going through and some literature was sent out that he could pass onto his sister. The counsellor also referred James to one of the EAP child care specialists who explained how there are groups that can often help new mothers like Sonia feel less isolated. The groups also provide the opportunity for new mothers to speak to other women who are experiencing the same feelings, can help them to realise that they are not alone. They also discussed the possibility of someone in the family or a friend looking after the baby occasionally so that Sonia could have some rest and a bit of time to herself. We also encouraged James to suggest to his sister that it might be helpful to call and talk to our one of the counsellors.

In conclusion

Sonia took the advice and decided to speak to the child care advisor who encouraged her to arrange a home visit from her local Health Visitor.  The child care advisor also introduced Sonia to a local mothers group. Sonia’s mother offered to look after the baby for the day, which meant that Sonia have some time to herself and catch up on a few hours’ sleep. While she was asleep Sonia’s mum even helped her out with chores. Sonia is now going to the mother’s group each week, has been able to chat to other women in the same situation, and has made some new friends too.