A to Z of EAP

A – About EAP – What is an Employee Assistance Programme?

A – Anxiety – The Mental Health Foundation – Anxiety

BBuyers Guide For EAP’s

C – CBT – What is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy?  


D – Depression – How can EAP help with depression?

Health Topics – Depression


E – EAPA – The UK EAP Association

F – Financial Services

G – Global EAP – Can I arrange an EAP for my global employees?

H – Harassment/Bullying – How EAP can help with workplace harassment & bullying

I – Insomnia

J – Job satisfaction – career planning

K – Knowledge – EAP suppliers have extensive knowledge of a variety of mental health issues

L – Legal advice

M – Manager Training – Mental Health in the workplace

N – News – EAP News

O – Occupational Health blended with the EAP

PProvider’s of EAP in the UK

Q – Quality standards – Our standards at Enlighten 

R – Retirement

S – Seperation & divorce

T – Telephone counselling

Trauma & critical incident response

U – Unique – an EAP is a unique way of supporting your employees 24/7/365

V – Violence – Domestic Violence and EAP’s

W – Widower – EAP are able to support your employees in a variety of circumstances

X – eXpertise – All face to face counsellors are qualified and regulated

Y – Young people

Z – siZe – EAPs are appropriate for any size of business



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