Occupational Health

Occupational Health Referral

A management ill health referral is an independent occupational health assessment. This simple referral process gives a focus for all parties on resolving the absentee problem and looking forward. Our preferred suppliers provide human resources and line managers with a good report of an employee’s medical and emotional wellbeing so that you are equipped to make a business decision. The occupational reporting can be for a range of health reasons such as:

  • Long-term absence
  • Returning to work after agreed long-term absence [e.g. operation]
  • Repeatedly absent for short periods
  • Underperforming at work and an underlying medical condition may be suspected
  • Recovering from an injury/accident
  • Job role and Equality Act requirements

The occasional sick day is generally unavoidable but long-term or higher than normal levels of short-term absence pose a much greater cost threat to your organisation. Enlighten works with our preferred suppliers to offer a range of services that can dramatically reduce the level of sickness, absence and the associated cost. The outcome is to speed the return to work and improve individual performance. As a result, our assistance could also help increase the productivity of your workforce.

  • Returning employees back to work as quickly as possible
  • Enhance rehabilitation thus improving attendance and performance
  • Confidentiality essentially benefits both employer and employee, particularly when sensitive personal and medical issues are at the core of an absence problem.