Workplace Options

Workplace Options

Workplace Options, is a company with a unique experience and history.

Drawing from an international network of credentialed providers and professionals, Workplace Options is the world’s largest integrated employee support services and work-life provider. WPO have service centres in Raleigh, N.C., London, Toronto, Dublin, Singapore, Panama and Tokyo. They support more than 42 million employees in over 32,000 organisations, across more than 200 countries and territories.

In 1981 they pioneered the introduction of the UK’s first EAP. This new concept established the provision of specialist information services, telephone and face-to-face counselling of the highest professional standards.

Working closely with in-house Human Resource or Occupational Health teams, WPO plan and implement a strategy that helps to maintain the right balance between the well-being and performance of the workforce.

Wellness coaching

Multilingual telephone, online, or on-site wellness services provide wellness coaching to your business.

Wellness coaching delivered in local languages, based on local knowledge. You can track employee population wellness by region or location using the online platform.

Workplace discounts

Workplace Options, WPO give all EAP users a shopping discount platform. The free platform offering over 30,000 unique discounts, and the ability to integrate a suite of tools designed to improve workplace culture.

EAPA says

Employee Assistance Programmes (EAPs) are now widespread in the UK, with nearly half the UK working population having access. The number of programmes on offer has tripled since 2005, according to 2013 research from the UK Employee Assistance Professionals Association (EAPA).

EAPs are becoming a natural choice for employers who want to support employee health and wellbeing.

For individual employers the critical issue when it comes to measuring ROI of EAPs is understanding the measures and evaluating processes used by your provider for your programme. Make sure you set performance targets for your EAP when you buy it.

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