Some key findings from the CBI Absence 2013 report

  • Employers estimate that around 12% of total sickness absence equal to one day in eight of “sickness” absence is none-genuine
  • Mental health conditions emerge as the single most widespread cause of long-terms absence amongst both manual and non-manual workers
  • Only 5% of employers feel that GPs have sufficient understanding of the workplace to make the most of the “fit note”
  • Nearly two thirds of employers report that the fit note they receive are not really helping employees to return to work earlier than under the old sick note regime

The full Pfizer report is based on 153 Companies from the Public and Private sectors covering 850,000 employees.

To read the full report click on the link CBI Report

To support absence in the work place an employee assistance programme providing short term focussed therapy can assist employers call enlighten.