EAP support – PROBLEM: New working hours affected client’s relationship and work-life balance

SOLUTION: Face-to-face counselling helped address these challenges

A restructuring was announced in the office where Pari worked, which meant several changes to shift patterns and working hours. Pari contacted the EAP, as she had young children and was struggling to balance her new working hours with her family time. She had found that this imbalance was also putting pressure on her relationship with her partner, as he felt neglected, not understanding the pressures of her job. A member of the EAP counselling team called her and explained the availability of free relationship counselling through the EAP. The counsellor spoke with Pari and her partner separately to assess the suitability of relationship counselling and to determine their joint goals. Following this, they both attended relationship counselling sessions with a counsellor close to home.

, in the evenings at a time that suited the couple’s busy schedule. It helped to have a mutually safe space to openly talk through the challenges that each of them was facing, to be heard by one another, and to look at ways they could work together to ensure they could balance their work and family lives.