An EAP is now one of the most popular benefits an employer can offer to staff and we thought we would consider the EAP history together.

EAP history

EAP’s were developed in the early 1900s in the USA as a way of combating alcoholism amongst the working class. In the 1980s it started in the UK. There are now over 47% of the working population with access to an EAP.

EAP services

The EAP combines access to a counsellor with comprehensive web site support and information on legal, debt, financial and medical issues. The EAP supplier will use the statistics from the calls it receives  to evaluate it own performance and to help the employer with decisions on employee benefits and support.  The employer is then able to tailor their benefits to employee needs identified in the EAP usage report.

EAP broker

enlighten are an EAP broker and can help you find the right mix o services and value for your people. Get in contact for a chat.