Easy health kiosk

This health kiosk is designed for now. Easy to install as it just needs plugging in! The health kiosk brings health engagement to the workplace with a 6,000 question quiz.

Loads of health facts and information that is a fun and functional health kiosk.

Available for

  • Long term rental so its cost effective to you
  • Wellbeing programmes
  • Wellbeing engagement

A whole range of health and wellbeing services can be supplied. What’s included using the kiosk is;

  • Delivery, installation and collection
  • Each user can create a personal account
  • Marketing support
    • launch promotion information
    • monthly health updates and
    • monthly email bulletin to the corporate contact
  • Health Guru online
    • health libarary
    • Body mass index checker
    • life balance questionnaire
    • My Mood mental health resilience app

in addition the wellbeing interaction continues with the online companion, the Wellbeing Guru. The Guru offers a wide range of tools, tips and further information online. Finally this helps to set and reach goals taking the user into an extended world of health and wellbeing support.