Why is it important as a Manager to know about EAP?

Managers are typically one of the best referral resources for Employee Assistance Programmes. Often employees may come to you looking for advice or direction. As a Manager, you want to assist employees with issues that arise in the workplace. In order to do this, you can use the EAP as a resource for both you and your employees.
For almost any issue that an employee is struggling with, EAP can offer a resource to help. You can offer your concern and assist the employee in making connections to the EAP for example a Manager Referral.

“I knew about sending employees to the EAP, but the idea of using it myself to solve management problems was totally foreign to me.”

Promoting the EAP as a company-sponsored benefit is good for your company, for your employees and it is important as a manager to know about EAP.

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