EAP – Emergency Services Employee Case Study


Emergency services worker struggled following attendance at a traumatic scene


Face-to-face counselling provided to help him cope

James who worked in emergency services was called out to attend a very traumatic scene. Later on in that month he found he was struggling to cope with his duties and unable to forget or process the experience.

emergency services

One evening, James contacted his EAP provider to talk with a counsellor. During the initial call, the counsellor allowed James to talk through the situation, providing in-the-moment support and a safe space to explore his feelings. The counsellor and James had a lengthy conversation to discuss the support the EAP could provide. With a view to assisting him in coming to terms with what he had witnessed and helping him return to work with the same passion for his duties that he had felt before. James was put in touch with a local counsellor to fit in with his needs and diary.

They met in a face-to-face setting on a weekly basis for six weeks. Together they worked on techniques and tools that James could use to help better cope with his experience.