Interactive Health Check Kiosks

Interactive health check kiosks provide non-evasive testing for weight, body mass index, body fat content, blood pressure and heart rate. And there is the Boomerang Life Balance and our (new) mental resilience application. Each wellbeing screening takes between 5 to 12 minutes to complete depending on the number of applications on the health kiosk.

Each individual would be able to view their results on the kiosk, showing them how their results compare with national guidelines. They also receive a printout of their results and the guidelines from the kiosk and are provided with health information. There are fact sheets on vital signs, blood pressure, hydration and body fat.


Mental health assessment

Boomerang is our lifestyle questionnaire which covers ten further areas of health, these are: Your Body, Sleep, Exercise, Relaxation, Work Life, Home Life, Stress, Diet, Alcohol and Smoking.

Individuals who register/log-in on the kiosk or enter their email address into the interactive health check kiosks. Employees will have their health results emailed to this address, along with the support pathways information. Through these pathways we would be able to link to local and national support channels and any other services that  offer to support wellbeing. This information will provide direct links to these services.

We are able to brand the interactive health check kiosks screens to your own requirements; this includes the main kiosk user screen, the kiosk top screen and the results print-out. These can all have your branding or logo added and our branding removed or kept as required. The kiosk top screen has the ability to play presentations; we would work with your team to produce a presentation for your programme.

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