Interactive Health Kiosk Rental

Health Kiosk Rental 2018

The interactive health kiosk is a popular option for 2018 allowing individuals to self test key indicators of their general health.
To start a simple health test is performed and the results are printed immediately from the kiosk. And then the result shows how they compare with the current accepted medical standards. The result of this means that it’s quick, easy and invaluable as an early warning system for potential problems such as high blood pressure.

Benefits to your organisation:

• Early warning system to potential problems
• Printout of results and email sent to users
• Fast and high volume health screening

Benefits to the individual:

• Instant snapshot of their health
• Individuals can track their health over time
• Login to an account from any location

Instant Health Checks

We can empower people to improve their health and wellbeing with our Instant Health Check, allowing individuals to self test their own health. The health kiosk is quick at measuring the most important vital signs of health: Weight, Body Mass Index, Body Fat Content, Heart Rate, Blood Pressure and Hydration Quota.

The Interactive Health Check Kiosk

Our unique interactive health kiosk check allows individuals to self test themselves at their place of work using six key indicators of their general health. The check is performed in around five minutes, with a print out of the results showing how they compare with accepted medical standards. It’s quick, easy and invaluable as an early warning system for potential problems such as high blood pressure.


To gain the maximum value from a health checking event, we provide a full range of creative support from posters to email invitations. A member of the team can attend your event to help users, organise the appointments and provide support.

  • Confidential, non invasive health check in around five minutes
  • Print out of personal test results
  • Ability to make health improvement decisions
  • Knowing your organisation cares
  • Bringing you awareness of health conditions like high blood pressure
  • and we offer comprehensive anonymous management information

Can be used for :- Health Fairs, One Day Events, Short Term Rental, Long Term Rental


‘The kiosk team were fantastic and nothing was too much trouble. The employee feedback has been very positive and I look forward to working with you again.’ – HR Manager

‘Using the kiosk after Christmas was quite a shock and motivated me to increase exercise and cut down on food. A weekly check has shown I’ve lost a pound a week and my blood pressure, % fat and BMI have all improved too. I wish we could have it for longer.’ – Employee

‘It was handy having it on site, easy to use and the results printed out so I could compare it week by week. I liked the fact that, as no other living person was involved in the procedure, it was completely confidential. If there was one on site permanently, I would use it regularly.’ – Employee